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Nicolai Lindegaard wins DRCMU Rd4  27/02/2015

The Danish touring car Championship, took place in the always wonderful Tinglev. It is always a pleasure to come to TI-MO and drive, especially when you are racing versus all of Denmark’s best drivers. The Superstock division had 31 drivers from start, and included DHI-cup A main finalists, and European champions in 1:10 nitro.

We had a 200-mile drive from Allerød to Tinglev, so we had to be up early. After a 3-hour drive, we finally arrived in Tinglev at 11.00am.
Saturday were free practice, and my Mi5evo was working flawless. With just a few small adjustment since Muëlheim, I felt like nothing was going to stop me, or this car from winning.
My expectations from Saturday were to be proved.  Taking the three fastest laps in both practice rounds, gave me a big advantage of starting number one in the qualification. I knew that I had to get the TQ, because I was trailing in the Championship. Therefore, I decided to set a high pace right from the start, and it proved to be a good decision. I won Q1 with a 2 seconds gap down to Niklas. Q2 was very similar, which assured me the TQ in the finals. I won the Q2 with a 2 seconds gap down to Niklas.
Now I knew I had the TQ, actually for the first time in my 1:10 career. I had some thoughts on the situation, and decided to do what you normally do not expect when you are in this situation. I decided to try to dominate the Q3, and prove that the car and I were here to win everything. And so did I, with a huge gap on 6 seconds down to Steven on second, I managed to do a Medium time faster than Stevens fastest lap.
I was so excited about the Mi5evo, and the new Twin Point Steering (U4711), that I could not wait to get to the finals and prove it even more. Surely I did, by winning the two first Finals with a total gap of 10 seconds.

Now the Championship is to be decided in one month when the last round is taking place in Djurs. I am really looking forward to this big final, and hopefully bring home the Danish Touringcar Championship title for Schumacher.

Nicolai's set up can be found here 

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