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Schumacher Indoor Off Road Masters Rd 7  13/03/2015

The final round of the Worksop Series took place this past weekend, once again attracting a great entry, 126 drivers were racing so it was a fantastic event.

The track was very flowing and many drivers commented what a great track lay out it was, as always a huge thank you to the Worksop track team, an awesome job as always!

Once again the new Schumacher Yellow Mini Pin 2 rear tyre was allowed to be used at the event. Many drivers opted to use this tyre and found it was performing great, it was giving a lot of rear traction.

After all of the racing action the A Final 2wd result was:

1 Neil Cragg  Associated
2 Craig Collinson Team C
3 Danny McGee  Schumacher
4 Ben Jemison  Schumacher
5 James Helliwell Schumacher
6 Greg Williams  Associated
7 Simon Moss  Schumacher
8 Rob Fox  Schumacher
9 Eugene Galley  Schumacher
10 Richard Lowe  Hot Bodies

The 4wd A Final result was:

1 Craig Collinson Team C
2 Ben Jemison  Schumacher
3 Jack Neal  Schumacher
4 Neil Cragg  Associated
5 Simon Moss  Schumacher
6 Richard Lowe  Hot Bodies
7 James Helliwell Schumacher
8 Greg Williams  Associated
9 Danny McGee  Schumacher
10 Matt Moore  Schumacher

The Complete Final Championship positions are all available by clicking the link below. However the top 10 of each Championship is as follows:

Class   Points


1 Neil Cragg   747
2 Simon Moss  742
3 Richard Lowe  738
4 Nathan Waters  738
5 Danny McGee  735
6 James Helliwell 734
7 Craig Collinson 726
8 Jack Neal  722
9 Greg Williams  720
10 Eugene Galley 714


1 Neil Cragg  746
2 Craig Collinson 742
3 Simon Moss  740
4 Richard Lowe  740
5 Nathan Waters  735
6 Ben Jemison  732
7 James Helliwell 722
8 Jack Neal  721
9 Danny McGee  719
10 Matt Moore  703

As always it was a brilliant event.

Full results from the event can be found here:

The last thing to do, was to draw the lucky raffle winners from the Schumacher sponsored series, there were some great prizes, below are a couple of lucky winners!

Well that concludes another fantastic Series once again by the Worksop Radio Car Club and Schumacher Racing, dates for the next Series are almost confirmed, we shall have more info and dates in the near future.

A massive thank you has to go to all of the racers who enter this Championship and to all of the team of people that build the tracks, run and organise it all, one word......................... AWESOME!!!!!!

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