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Nikolia Haheim wins Norway Rd1  05/06/2015

The 1st round of the Norwegian Championship were hosted in Kodal, not far away from Sandefjord. The race  had 40 entries in total divided into Modified and Stock. The race format were 3 rounds of qualifying were the best run counted, Followed by 3 finals best of 2.

In Modified Nikolai Håheim showed his pace early on setting his best run on new tires in Round 1, which gave him a strong TQ, 6 seconds ahead of Helge Johannesen. Tom Erik Haaversen followed Helge in 3rd only 0.5 of a second behind.

Top 10 Qualifying results;
1. Nikolai Håheim 19/307.655
2. Helge Johannesen 19/313.672
3. Tom Erik Haaversen 19/314.202
4. Georg Ellingsen 18/302.272
5. Øyvind Stusdal 18/302.488
6. Rune Svestøl 18/303.765
7. Oskar A. Fjeld 18/305.534
8. Morten Bremsrud 18/306.579
9. Danny Kwiatkowski 18/307.080
10. Torbjørn Jørgensen 18/308.555

In Stock Jonas Ramsrud managed to take the 1st spot 0.2 seconds infront of Ole Jacob Bryne. Jørn Kristian Borgevad completed Top 3 after Qualifying.

Top 3 Qualifying results;
1. Jonas Ramsrud 16/301.687
2. Ole Jacob Bryne 16/301.886
3. Jørn K. Borgevad 16/304.511

In Modified Nikolai Håheim took the win in front of Oskar A. Fjeld who won A1 when both Nikolai and Helge broke down. Helge Johannesen who had a close battle with Nikolai in A2 came 3rd overall.

Top 10 Final Results;
1. Nikolai Håheim - Schumacher
2. Oskar A. Fjeld - Xray
3. Helge Johannesen - Arc
4. Tom Erik Haaversen - Yokomo
5. Georg Ellingsen - Xray
6. Morten Bremsrud - Xray
7. Øyvind Stusdal - Serpent
8. Torbjørn Jørgensen - Xray
9. Rune Svestøl - Xray
10. Danny Kwiatkowski - Tamiya

In Stock Jonas Ramsrud won A2 and A3 quiet dominantly. The youngsteer Jone Stakkeland came 2nd overall. In 3rd place Ole Jacob Bryne won A1, but didnt have clean runs in A2 and A3.

Top 3 Final results;
1. Jonas Ramsrud - VBC
2. Jone Stakkeland - Xray
3. Ole Jacob Bryne - Schumacher


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