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New 2S Square Lipo from Intellect  14/05/2014

Soon to be in stock from lipo manufacturer Intellect is this 2S 'Square' Lipo!
Designed to replace the standard 2S saddle pack with a single 'Square' battery. Eliminating the need for a connecting wire and reducing the number of internal connections, power output and efficiency are improved. 4mm sockets with access from both sides and a 2mm balance port allows users to balance charge the battery in the same manner as stick and shorty batteries.

Fits the Cougar KF with shorty conversion fitted and other manufacturers 2WD cars such as the Associated B5M.


89.2mm x 60.5mm x 21mm

IPSQ2S6000V9-Intellect Lipo 6000mAh 2S-90C-7.4V-Square-£59.99



Don't forget these other great selling Intellect Lipos!

The top performance stick packs for touring cars, 90c and 7600 mAh, crazy power!

7600 mAh
5mm bullet connectors sockets for better power delivery.
Supplied with connectors and lead.
BRCA Approved


330 g

IPCC2S7600V9-Intellect Lipo 7600mAh 2S- 90C- 7.4V- 330g G5-£64.99


The top performance 2S Saddle 7.4v pack for Off Road, 80c and 6000 mAh.
6000 mAh
4mm bullet connectors.
BRCA Approved

IPTP2S6000V8-Intellect-Saddle Lipo 6000mAh 2S - 80C- 7.4V-£64.99

A great performing stick pack for touring cars, 90c and 6000 mAh. 30g lighter than the 7600mAh pack making it easier to balance in touring cars.

60000 mAh
4mm bullet connectors sockets.
Supplied with connectors and lead.
BRCA Approved


300 g

IPCC2S6000V9-Intellect Lipo 6000mAh 2S- 90C- 7.4V- 300g G5-£64.99



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