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New KO Esprit 4 Radio  14/08/2014

The highly anticipated ESPRIT IV stick radio system from legendary manufacturers KO PROPO is almost here!! 


The long awaited follow-up model of the Esprit 3 offers a redesigned case with a larger screen and relocated buttons to make for improved handling and easier adjustment. The stick elements are adjustable in their angle to allow the driver to fine-tune the radio to personal preferences.

An optional LiPo transmitter battery makes for an operation time of up to 12 hours without recharging. The integrated screen is of the same size as the one used on KO Propo’s EX-1 KIY pistol grip radio while six buttons and a jog dial make adjusting the several software features easy.

Due late August.

KO80700 -
Esprit IV - 2Ch Stick Radio Set - £449.99


As for the settings, beside class-standard features such as several mixes, a stop watch, trim and exponential functions the radio also offers a new “feel” setting for the throttle and brake that allows to adjust the “feeling” of the steering and throttle response. Included with the transmitter is a KR-413FH 2.4GHz receiver

- Fully integrated 2.4GHz system

 – Respond mode (normal, high-speed, advanced)
 – Steering trim, sub trim, speed, curve and travel override functions
 – Throttle high point, sub trim, speed, curve, drag brake override, ABS, acceleration & idle-up functions
 – 4WS mixing
 – Gyro throttle mixing
 – Quick setup
 – Timer and stopwatch
 – LCD backlight and contrast settings
 – Buzzer sound volume setting
 – Compatible with KR-413FH, KR-411FH, KR-212FHG & KR-211FH receivers
- Removable aerial with storage compartment.
- Adjustable stick position
- Lipo, Life or NiMH option. 

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