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New Contact RC WGT-GT10 Tyres  10/10/2014

Contact RC are pleased to bring to the market a new range of WGT/GT10 tyres for 200mm, 235mm pan and Oval cars.

The WGT-GT10 range includes a host of popular compounds to suit running on tarmac and carpet, including special 38 shore tyres with lilac stripe for control tyre events.

Contact RC tyres are manufactured by the expert engineers at Schumacher Racing in the UK. Schumacher has invested in a highly automated manufacturing process which ensures consistent high quality products. Contact RC use only the best materials and all new wheels, developed with the knowledge and experience of some of the worlds best drivers.

The fully automated hardness measurement, glueing, and truing processes mean that every single tyre produced meets the exacting high standards required by top level racers.
All front tyres are accurately trued to 63mm and rears 64mm.

Available from November.

JW22FA - Foam Tyres - WGT/GT10 Front 22Sh - £7.99
JW22RA - Foam Tyres - WGT/GT10 Rear 22Sh - £8.99
JW25FA - Foam Tyres - WGT/GT10 Front 25Sh - £7.99
JW25RA - Foam Tyres - WGT/GT10 Rear 25Sh - £8.99
JW28FA - Foam Tyres - WGT/GT10 Front 28Sh - £7.99
JW28RA - Foam Tyres - WGT/GT10 Rear 28Sh - £8.99
JW30FA - Foam Tyres - WGT/GT10 Front 30Sh - £7.99
JW30RA - Foam Tyres - WGT/GT10 Rear 30Sh - £8.99
JW35FA - Foam Tyres - WGT/GT10 Front 35Sh - £7.99
JW35RA - Foam Tyres - WGT/GT10 Rear 35Sh - £8.99
JW38FA - Foam Tyres - WGT/GT10 Front 38Sh Lilac - £7.99
JW38RA - Foam Tyres - WGT/GT10 Rear 38Sh Lilac - £8.99
JW42FA - Foam Tyres - WGT/GT10 Front 42Sh - £7.99
JW45FA - Foam Tyres - WGT/GT10 Front 45Sh - £8.99

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