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New CORE RC Flat Sensor wires  18/11/2014

A host of great new racing products from CORE RC, including flat sensor wires,  cool looking all black receiver wires, fans and more.....
Keep your wiring super neat with these CORE RC Flat sensor wires.  Ideal for fitting into tight spaces, nice and flexible too.  Cool black look available in popular lengths.

CR252 - 90mm Flat Bonded Flex Sensor Wire - £3.99
CR253 - 110mm Flat Bonded Flex Sensor Wire - £3.99
CR254 - 150mm Flat Bonded Flex Sensor Wire - £3.99
CR255 - 200mm Flat Bonded Flex Sensor Wire - £3.99
CR256 - 270mm Flat Bonded Flex Sensor Wire  - £3.99


Cool black servo or speedo wire, for those super neat installations.  Futaba or JR plug with gold connectors.  Signal wire identified with white shrink.

CR249 - Futaba Servo Wires Black - £2.99
CR250 - JR Servo Wires Black - £2.99


Core RC cooling fan, most suitable for motor cooling in Touring Cars, mounted behind the motor.  Also used for larger speed control cooling such as 1/8th scale units. Neat black wires for a cool look.

CR251 - Freeze Cooling Fan 40 x 40mm - £7.99


Repair your lexan body after a heavy crash with this super tough aluminium fibre tape. Its fibre glass reinforcement prevents damage making your bodies last longer.

CR258 - Body Repair Tape - 50mm x 1Mtr - £2.99


Keep that wing nice and flat and well supported with this Black anodised aluminium wing button. The button spreads the load accross the fixing point to improve the support in the event of a crash.

CR257 - Alloy Touring Car Wing Support - Black - £8.99

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