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New KO Wheel Radio  09/09/2015

We are pleased to bring you the new 2.4Ghz Wheel Radio from KO PROPO.


The New Standard Radio is born.

Utilizing the KIY concept created through the development of the EX-1 and a new racing technology.

- Great handling with a lightweight design.  A large display panel has been installed with a superior balance to the system.  Not to feel fatigued even after driving in a long race.
- The same human interface as the EX-1.
- As in the high-end EX-1, the same essential steering and throttle mechanisms have been adopted.
- The positive design as the middle class system contributes to a faster race time.
- Utilizing the KIY concept created through the development of the EX-1 and a new racing technology.
- Xpansion unit with a brain.
- The Xpansion unit not only adds a display function, but also carries out operational processing with its own installed CPU.  Dual processing with the installed CPU in the Master Unit realises signal generation and minimising a delay.
- Dual Operation of FHSS and MHS systems
- Complying with the FHSS system by KO PROPO and the newly developed MHS system for the Mini-z racer from Kyosho.


- A set of 4ch Transmitter and 4ch receiver
- Multiple functions setting up with LCD Xpansion Unit.
- Individual Function can be assigned with ET Lever and Button.
- LCD Display Panel, same dimensions as EX-1.
- 20 model memories.
- EX-2 uses FHSS receiver.
- Also can use for new MHS Mini-z from Kyosho.
- LCD expansion unit capable of being installed in 2 different directions, 90 degrees.

KO PROPO's Information Flyer.
Above Rx included.

KO80561 - EX-2 Standard Edition - £219.99

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