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New Arromax Products  04/02/2016

We are pleased to bring you some excellent new products from Arrowmax!

Firstly a new range of lipo batteries which are BRCA and EFRA Approved (from April 1st)
The newest introduction to the ever growing line-up of Arrowmax products. With the high demand of today's EP racing, customers are constantly looking for the edge. Arrowmax newest line-up of batteries are made to perform.

3 Different 2S stick packs are available, 5000, 6000 and 7800 mAh.

AM700101 - AM Lipo 5000mAh 2S TC - 7.4V 55/110C - £45.99
110C Burst (139mm x 47mm x 25.1mm) 255g 4mm plugs

AM700102 - AM Lipo 6000mAh 2S TC - 7.4V 65/130C - £82.99
130C Burst (High C Rate) (139mm x 47mm x 25.1mm) 295g 4mm plugs

AM700104 - AM Lipo 7800mAh 2S TC - 7.4V 55/110C - £99.99
110C Burst (139mm x 47mm x 25.1mm) 321.2g 4mm plugs

Two 2S Shorty packs are specially designed for 1:10 buggy or F1 class. The smaller footprint gives you more freedom on battery placement and provide more set-up options. 

AM700202 - AM Lipo 5000 mAh 2S Shorty - 7.4V 55/110C - £69.99
110C Burst (96mm x 47mm x 25.1mm) 208.4g 4mm plugs

AM700401 - AM Lipo 2800mAh 2S Super Shorty-7.4V 55/110C - £40.99
110C Burst (69mm x 47mm x 25.1mm) 136.5g 4mm plugs
Don't forget the lipo bag!

Made from fire-resistant fabric to minimise the harm to your pit table and surrounding areas.  Large velcro straps keep the lid and the two inner lashes closed securely. The bag is printed with Arrowmax logo with white lining.

AM199502 - Lipo Safe Bag (185 x 75 x 60mm) - £6.99
Arrowmax Body Post Trimmer

Awesome little tool for trimming your body posts super neatly. Watch the video for how to do it!

Available in 3 colours to match your chosen tool/pit accessories.



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