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New Mi6 Launched...  08/04/2016

We are pleased to introduce to you the new Schumacher Mi6 1/10th Competition Touring Car!!!
The new Mi6 from Schumacher born from the multi national championship winning 'Mi' platform.
Superbly engineered and equipped as standard with some awesome new equipment, the Mi6 enables set up changes to be made simply and quickly.
Designed for both carpet and asphalt tracks the new Mi6 bearing pivot points offer sensationally free wishbones with no slop and with an even lower centre of gravity the Mi6 carries even more corner speed.
Although still as responsive and nimble to drive as ever, the Mi6 gives class leading consistency and durability, superb for all levels of driver.

With a massive attention to detail the all new Schumacher Mi6 leads the way in 2016. The Schumacher Mi6..... racing intelligence!

Mi6 wins fist time out at EWS!

At first glance the design may look familiar however look at the details of all the new improvements!! 


 Industry first ball raced suspension pivot mounts for reduced friction and easier assembly.


 Plastic gull wing wishbones featuring a sideways mounted damper ball stud for fine adjustment. 

 Lightweight alloy transmission housing incorporating a ball raced anti-roll bar system. 

 Motor mount moves motor in by 1.8mm for more centralised weight distribution and better balance.  

 Lowered motor with pocketed chassis for lower centre of gravity.

 Twin point steering for a smoother feeling around neutral and more reliability. 

 CNC alloy front spool for greater reliability.

 Chassis profile for optimised flex characteristics. 

 3mm Bando belts for improved efficiency. 

 1/8” inboard hinge pins for great impact strength. 

 CNC alloy 20T layshaft pulley with increased bearing span for more durability. 

 Ultra smooth PTFE impregnated Hard Anodised threaded alloy shock absorbers for extreme smoothness and durability. 

 Twin O-ring shocks for better oil sealing and improved piston control.
 Anti roll bars in 0.1mm increments with laser engraving.

 Black precision ball studs for reduced slop. 

 Lightweight body mount system with multiple R-clip positions and 3 body hangers with varying offsets for improved impact reliability and fine adjustment. 

 3mm front shock tower for reduced weight. 


 Steel outputs (front and rear) for more reliability and greater life.

 Aerial tube mount that is both lightweight and offers more secure captivity of the tube. 

 Ultra hard wearing ball cup design with adjustment hole. 

 4mm rear shock tower for increased stiffness.

Check out the full details on our website.


Available mid/end April.... Pre-Orders being taken...

K161 - Mi6 - Pro C/F - 1/10 EP Touring Kit - £389.99


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