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Xray Race Poland  09/11/2016

A couple of weekends ago Schumacher star Michal Orlowski attended Round 1 of the Xray race in Poland.  The event attracted a good number of Polish drivers and Hupo Honigl from Austria.

Michal and Hupo battled in qualifying and in the finals but it was Michal who came out on top in both 4WD with his CAT K2 and 2WD with the Cougar KF2 SE.

It was great to see a lot of Schumacher drivers supporting the race and present in the 'A' mains.

Final Results

4wd results:
1.Orlowski Michal - Schumacher
2.Hupo Hönigl Xray - XRAY XB4’16
3.Zambrzycki Bartek - Yokomo
4.Migal Sebastian - Schumacher
5.Luczak Jakub - XRAY XB4’16
6.Kulak Sergiusz - XRAY XB4’16
7.Goderski Igor - XRAY XB4’16
8.Zalewski Bartosz - Yokomo
9.Kramrza Artur - Schumacher
10.Pochopien Bartosz - Schumacher

2wd results:
1.Orlowski Michal - Schumacher
2.Hupo Hönigl - XRAY XB2’17
3.Zambrzycki Bartek - Yokomo
4.Rzepecki Wojtek - Schumacher
5.Luczak Jakub - XRAY XB2’17
6.Migal Sebastian - Schumacher
7.Zalewski Bartek - Yokomo
8.Hert Pawel - XRAY XB2’16
9.Kulak Sergiusz - XRAY XB2’16
10.Migal Wojtek - Schumacher

Congratulations from Schumacher!

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