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Core RC Soldering Irons  09/08/2016

CORE RC have got you covered for Soldering Irons!

4 different types available and in stock!

This great little emergency soldering iron kit is an awesome addition to your pit box for those trackside soldering jobs.

Rated at a powerful 60w with a medium sized tip making the unit extremely versatile.

It can be powered from a 7.2v battery up to a 12v power supply, for best performance use a 11.1v lipo or 12v supply.

Supplied with a piece of solder and some wire heatshrink in black and red.

Connect via a simple 'T' type connector.

CR195 - Portable Emergency 60W Soldering Iron - £14.99
The first 230v mains Iron, Rugged, economical and versatile. European Made. Supplied with chisel shaped bit. - L.75mm Dia. 5.0mm Spare bits available. Includes simple iron stand.  40w of power.


UK Plug
5mm tip

CR266 - Soldering Iron 40w - 230V - £16.99

CR269 - Soldering Bit for 40w Iron - Chisel - £2.99

The middle power rating of the three 230v mains soldering irons, coming in at 80w.  Supplied with chisel shaped bit - L.90mm Dia. 7.0mm and stand.


UK Plug
7mm tip

CR275 - Soldering Iron 80w - 230v - £17.99

CR276 - Soldering Bit for 80w Iron - Wedge - £4.49
The beast, 100w of power, suitable for the toughest solder jobs! Supplied with 8mm wedge tip. Spare bits available. Includes simple iron stand.  


UK Plug
8mm tip

CR267 - Soldering Iron 100W - 230V - £19.99

CR268 - Tips for 100W Soldering Iron - £4.99

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