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New Fantom V2 Stock Motors  18/01/2017

We are pleased to bring you the new Fantom V2 Stock motor range.

The BEST Just Got BETTER!!


Developed and tested in the USA, we are proud to announce the all new Fantom FR-1 v2T & v2R Series professional racing motors!

BRCA Approved -

All new V2 Spec Stock motors have a non removable 'BRCA approved' decal to prevent grey importation of above price limit motors.   Without this decal in place, the motor is not BRCA legal.

The heart of the new v2 FR-1 Series motors are the high quality stators and rotors. Our stators are made from premium Kawaski steel from Japan. The new improved internal designs provide even lower ohm resistance, while at the same time provide more POWER and RPM! Why settle for just an all purpose motor when you can have a motor designed to fit your exact application! Choose your weapon! The all new v2T (Torque) & the v2R (RPM) Whether you race On-Road or Off-Road, 1s or 2s....We got you covered!!

In addition, our rotors are manufactured using a premium grade neodymium formula, for extreme horsepower and superior fade resistance! All laser engraved with the Fantom logo and specs! Feel the Fantom....Feel the Power!!

v2T - Dirt Oval, Short Course Truck, Stadium Truck - Short/Standard/Long Track, 2wd Buggy - Short Track, 4wd Buggy - Short/Standard Track, Touring Car - Short Track

v2R - 2wd Buggy - Standard/Long Track, 4wd Buggy - Long Track, Touring Car - Standard/Long, 1/12th On-Road, GT12, Carpet Oval

The new V2 motors also include more powerful rotors than the V1.

FAN19471S - Fantom Motor 13.5 FR-1 - V2R - £89.99
FAN19472S - Fantom Motor 13.5 FR-1 - V2T - £89.99
FAN19474S - Fantom Motor 17.5 FR-1 - V2T - £89.99
FAN19475S - Fantom Motor 21.5 FR-1 - V2 - £89.99


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