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New RSx3 1-12th Servos from KO  02/03/2017

KO Propo are once again expanding their range with the improved RSx3 1/12th scale servos.

The three options replace the popular KO30114 RSx 12 servo.

This succeeds the technology of RSx. This is the mini-size servo which best fits 1/12 car.
It uses a high-power core-less motor and has high retention and reliability.

The servo adopts the aluminium gear to which hardening Alumite treatment is applied.
The gear is strong in shock and moreover shows an effect in the reproducibility of the driving.
The black wire servo leads, attractive in a chassis layout, are used.
Torque: 7.5Kg-cm Speed: 0.13sec/60deg(@6.0V)
Dimensions: 33×26×15mm
Weight: 26.0g
Operating voltage: 6.0V 
The hard alumite aluminium gear (first gear plastic)
Core-less motor
Dual bearings
The hard servo gear shaft
Black cable
Gold plated connector

3 different spec's of servo's are available, KO recommend;

KO30126 for 1/12th stock
KO30127 for 1/12th modified (as used by Ishioka at the worlds)
KO30128 for GT12, GT500, World GT and F1.
Full details can be viewed by clicking the link below.

The difference between the 3 models are the settings.  The settings can be adjusted using the KO61029 - Servo Model Selector

KO30126 - RSx3-12 Servo - £99.99
KO30127 - RSx3-12 World Spec Version Servo - £99.99
KO30128 - RSx3-12 GT Version Servo - £99.99


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