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BTCC Rd 5 Stafford  28/07/2009
The Schumacher BTCC 2009 championship round 5 took place at the Stafford Track. On arrival it seemed that the weather would soon change and change it did the heavens opened and it rained on and off for the whole meeting. A few drivers went out early for a practise but the majority were in the pits preparing a wet car. It was confirmed at drivers briefing that qualifying would be round by round
13.5t Brushless / 27t Brushed
After the 3 rounds of qualifying it was Wayne Shaw who took pole position for the A main finals with a time of 16/313.19 It was Kris Kennedy who took second place with a couple of decent qualifiers 3rd overall went to Neil Cooper.
After all 3 Qualifying Rounds the top 10 in the 13.5 BL / 27t B class were:-
1.      Wayne Shaw
2.      Kris Kennedy
3.      Neil Cooper
4.      Roy Crowson
5.      Mitch Hadley
6.      Nigel Shaw
7.      Remo Casadei
8.      Nathan Goward
9.      Ben Gayson
10. Tim Walden
10.5t Brushless / 19t Brushed
After 3 rounds of very close qualifying it was Zak Smith who took the honours, with a time of 17/312.85 second overall was Andy Low with 3rd place on the A final grid going to Liam Brookes.
After all 3 Qualifying Rounds the top 10 were:-
1.    Zak Smith
2.    Andy Low
3.     Liam Brookes
4.     Dominic Carter
5.    Leigh Burton
6.    Dean Riley
7.    Jordon Howe
8.    Ben Emery
9.    Mike Rowley
10. Martin Lawson
Pole position in the modified class went to James Hart with a time of 16/311.20 second place was Stefan Chodzynski and third was Jonathan Robinson
After all 3 Qualifying Rounds the top 10 were:-
1.    James Hart
2.    Stefan Chodzynski
3.    Jonathan Robinson
13.5t Brushless / 27t Brushed B Final
After both finals it was Joshua Walker who took the win with Jonathan Walker taking second place.
10.5t Brushless / 19t Brushed C final
This final saw pole man Mathew Tuplin take 2 straight wins, in 2nd place it was Gareth Hollis who was tied on points with 3rd place Andrew Hancock, Gareth getting second with a better qualifying position.
10.5t Brushless / 19t Brushed B final
First position overall in this final went to David Fletcher, with a 2nd and a 4th place it was Tom Jefferies who took second place with 1st in the first final and 6th in the second final Shane Walker took 3rd overall with a 3rd in the first final and 5th in the second final..
13.5t Brushless / 27t Brushed A Final
The winner with 2 good finals was Wayne Shaw finishing second both finals was enough to take the overall win. Taking second place it was Mitch Hadley with a 5th in the first final and winning the second was just enough to beat 3rd place driver Remo Casadei who was tied on points with Mitch.
Top five after both finals were:-
1.       Wayne Shaw
2.       Mitch Hadley
3.       Remo Casadei
4.       Nigel Shaw
5.       Roy Crowson
10.5t Brushless / 19t Brushed A Final
Final 1
.The first final saw Zak Smith get a good start from pole position to lead this final, a lead which he held for the whole five minutes. Liam Brookes got past Andy Low to move up to second place but could not catch Zak, Dominic Carter also passed any to finish 3rd in this final, as did Dean Riley to take 4th, in 5th place it was Andy  
Final 2
After a good start off the line it was Liam Brookes who first got past Andy Low and then chased down pole man Zak Smith, after being passed by Liam, Andy followed him round and when Liam got past Zak to take the lead Andy got past shortly after to move into 2nd place, with some consistent driving Dominic Carter also got past Zak and was now in 3rd a place held to the end of the final. Zak finished in 4th place and 5th place went to Leigh Burton driving his Schumacher MI4 in his first BTCC.
Top five after both finals were:-
1.       Liam Brookes
2.       Zak Smith
3.       Dominic Carter
4.       Andy Low
5.       Dean Riley
Modified A Final
Final 1
Final 1 saw James Hart convert his pole position into what seemed an was going to be a comfortable victory, until with almost a lap lead his car began to slow it kept going round the track for another 3 laps and on the last lap with his car hardly moving Stefan Chodzynski passed him on the last corner before the line to take the win, James taking 2nd and Jonathan Robinson 3rd..
Final 2
Like the first final James began to pull away from Stefan and Jonathan and by half race distance was almost a lap in front he continued to set a fast pace which neither Stefan or Jonathan could match, this he continued to do for the rest of the final giving victory in the final and the overall final Stefan took second place overall and Jonathan 3rd.
Top three after both finals were:-
1.       James Hart
2.       Stefan Chodzynski
3.       Jonathan Robinson
Many Thanks to Stafford model Car Club for their hospitality, and an excellent run meeting.
Next Round is Snetterton August 2nd.
If you’ve not booked in yet, places in all classes are available.
All abilities welcome.
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