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Italian UISP Nationals - Round 3  15/09/2009
The third round of the UISP Nationals in Italy saw Schumacher Drivers Daniel Baldissarri and Fabrizio Di Michele take 1st and 3rd place in the Supersport class.
With over 100 drivers present, Daniel took the TQ and win, in his first race with the Mi4, An excellent debut race!
Alberto Montecchi also made the A final, finishing in 10th place.
Schumacher driver Lorenzo Bigi also made the podium in the Sport class, using ATS foam tyres and the new Speed Passion V3 10.5 motor.
Lorenzo Qualified and finished in 3rd place.
Schumacher drivers Andrea Aquilino and Michelangelo Tagliavini also made the top ten, finishing in 6th and 9th place respectively.
Congratulations to all Schumacher drivers involved for these excellent results!
Full Results Below
1)Baldissarri Daniel - Schumacher MI4
2)Brunelli Alessandro
3)Di Michele Fabrizio - Schumacher MI4
4)Michieli Massimo
5)Dori Francesco
6)Cantoni Claudio  
7)Taddei Maurizio  
8)Franzetti Gianni  
9)Zapparoli Adalberto
10)Montecchi Alberto - Schumacher MI4
SPORT class
1)Puleo Marco
2)Tenan Ivan
3)Bigi Lorenzo - Schumacher MI4
4)Pintonello Federico
5)Simari Tony
6)Aquilino Andrea - Schumacher MI4
7)Pagani Christian
8)D'Alessandro Christian
9)Tagliavini Michelangelo - Schumacher MI4
10)Silingardi Davide
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