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CAT SX dominates BRCA F345s  22/09/2009
In his first Electric Off Road race in 40 years! Jamie Booth reports on a fantastic victory for the CAT SX at the BRCA F2 finals this past weekend.
Name – Jamie Booth
Age - 41
When – 20 September 2009-09-2009
Where – Broxtowe Model car club
Why  – Its 15 miles from where I live, why not?
Entry – 120 people
Car - Schumacher Cat SX
Motor – LRP X12 6.5
Speedo –LRP SXX TC
Battery – LRP 5300 28c stick lipo (1 only)
Charger – LRP Pulsar
Sponsors – SMD, LRP, JConcepts, Hong Nor
The track at Broxtowe was a traditional grass track with a couple of man made jumps.
Round one, I had my cat set up from the last indoor meeting at Worksop (which was my first meeting for almost 12 years – so this race was my second electric race in 12 years) so I had a one way in the front, red rear springs and grey fronts. After a few error’s I was 3rd fastest in round one, I was not fully comfortable with the car, it was far too nervous (and so was I).
Round two, I changed the set up and the car was much better but still too nervous and snatchy, I was second fastest in round 2 with a last lap error.
Round three, I took the front one way out and fitted a normal diff, the car was much better, safer, easier to drive and no slower. I did a few other changes to the damping, wheel base and mounted the rear roll bar further out on the rear wishbone and modded the anti roll bar mount so it worked properly. The result was TQ in the round
Round four, I made some wheelbase and rear toe changes, the car was good (still too un-safe on the triple) and I got another round TQ (plus fastest lap of the meeting) so I would start first for the A final.
A 1, I led from start to finish with a challenge in the early stages , but won leg one comfortably, but I was still not 100% happy with the way the car jumped.
A2, The pace at the start was pretty fast and I was still having trouble with the triple and made a couple of errors allowing the pack to close and pass, within a couple of laps I re-gained the lead and did a double and a single on the triple to take the win that I needed. I was please to be away for so long and hold my nerve when it mattered. It was my only 3rd race meeting of the year.
A3, Still unhappy with the triple jump I elected to run in leg 3 and made some changes to the shocks on my car, giving the car more down travel (droop). The car was dynamite and I won leg three easily, the car jumping nicely and reliably now with no strange double bounce’s or poor take off’s. I was very satisfied with the car.
The day started off a bit shaky and then bit by bit, the car and myself got better and better. I was very satisfied with the handling of the CAT after leg three and have plans for more tweaks to the shocks, mounts, roll bars, heading into the winter series at Worksop.
See you there !
Congratulations from all at Schumacher and thanks for the report.
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