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Schumacher BTCC Rd 4 Halifax  02/08/2010

Round 4 of this years’ championship was held at the Halifax track having looked at the weather forecast, it looked like a wet car maybe needed for the weekend.
Arriving at the track on Sunday morning and dark clouds above it was decided at drivers briefing that it would be round by round qualifying the best 2 rounds from 4 to count.

Round 1, of qualifying in the Stock class saw Schumacher’s Zak Finlay Take first in the round with his MI4 LP 2nd was Jake Williams 3rd was Jonathan Walker, 4th Lee Spencer and 5th Scott Hauser. Pro-stock saw Sam Clifton post TQ time 2nd was Andrew Robson with Lee Price 3rd James Hart 4th and Mark Fetcher 5th.  Modified saw Jonathan Aired take TQ in this class from John Pape 2nd, Matthew White 3rd Brian Eldridge 4th and Chris Crisis Kerswell 5th.

Round 2, of Stock. Saw Jonathan Walker TQ this round with Zak Finlay 2nd Lee Spencer 3rd Jake Williams 4th and Scott Hauser 5th. Pro-stock 1st in the round went to Andrew Robson; Lee Price was 2nd, Andy Murray 3rd, James Hart 4th and Sam Clifton 5th. Modified it was Elliot Harper who was 1st, 22nd was Jonathan Aired, Chris Grainger 3rd, Matthew White 4th, and Colin Price 5th.

Round 3, of the stock class it was Jonathan Walker who yet again topped the sheet in this class, in 2nd it was Jake Williams, Lee Spencer 3rd, 4th Zak Finlay and 5th Scott Hauser. Pro-stock 1st in the round went to Lee price, 2nd was Sam Clifton with Zak Smith 3rd, James Hart 4th and Mark Musgrove 5th. In modified it was Chris Grainger who was fastest in the round followed by Schumacher team mate John Pape, Marcus Askell 3rd, Chris Crisis Kerswell 4th and  5th was Colin Price.

Round 4, in the stock class it was Jake Williams who topped the sheet with Zak Finlay 2nd, Scott Hauser 3rd, Joshua Walker 4th, and Kris Kennedy 5th. Pro-stock David Hall was fastest in this round from Andrew Robson in 2nd, with Lee price 3rd and James Hart yet again 4th with Sam Clifton 5th. Modified class saw Matthew White top the sheet in the final round of qualifying with Jonathan Aired 2nd, John Pape 3rd, 4th was Michael Ball and 5th Marcus Askell. With qualifying over the the top 10 in each class were as follows.

Top 10 Stock
1. Jonathan Walker
2. Jake Williams
3. Zak Finlay
4. Lee Spencer
5. Scott Hauser
6. Joshua Walker
7. Kris Kennedy
8. Roy Crowson
9. Martin Peachey
10. Mitch Hadley

Top 10 Pro-stock

1. Sam Clifton
2. Andrew Robson
3. Colin Price
4. David Hall
5. James Hart
6. Zak Smith
7. Andy Murray
8. Mark Musgrove
9. Leon Morrell
10. Dewi Jones

Top 10 Modified

1. Jonathan Aird
2. Chris Grainger
3. Matthew White
4. John Pape
5. Marcus Askell
6. Chris Kerswell
7. Colin Price
8. Elliot Harper
9. Chris Odonoghue
10. Jordon Mckulsky

Stock A final leg 1
Saw Joshua Walker from 5th on the gird win this leg with some good driving and the misfortune of drivers in front of him having some early incidents allow him to take the lead and pull a small gap on the rest of the field this gap he held off the challenge of 2nd place man Jake Williams and 3rd over the line was Lee Spencer to complete the top 3.
Pro-stock A Leg 1
This final had the makings of a great race with the top 5 being split by less than a couple of tenths in the last round of qualifying, From pole on the grid Sam Clifton made a great start with Andrew Robson right on his boot lid however a mistake by Andrew allowed Sam to get a gap from the rest of the field and dropping Andrew down the field, with this mistake he would never get back to the front and at the end of the race finished 6th. After the mistake everyone moved up a place and then a few laps after, a coming together with Lee Price and Andy Murray allowed David Hall to take second place and James Hart 3rd with James very close to David he began to close the gap at the end of the final there was very little between them with David Getting 2nd and James 3rd.

Modified A leg 1
With Elliot Harper down the grid for this final it would be interesting to see how it all panned out. With a clean start it was Jonathan Aird who made a good start and kept the lead from Chris Grainger but with Elliot moving through the field and closer to the front was up to third then Chris got past Jonathan followed by Elliot about 2 laps from the end Chris seemed to slow and Elliot got past on the last lap before the line Chris stopped due to thermaling allowing Jonathan back into 2nd place and moving Marcus Askell 3rd, 4th was Colin Price with Chris finishing 5th.

Stock A leg 2
This final saw Jake Williams get past Jonathan Walker on lap 4 and have a nearly unchallenged run to the end of the final, Jonathan was now down to third, Zak Finlay, just over a second ahead of Jonathan began to catch Jake and at one stage looked like he would win this final but for 2 incidents one of which allowed Jake to gap him, and the other a few laps later allowed Jonathan back into 2nd and this remained to the end of the final.

The top 3 after both finals:-
1. Jake Williams
2. Jonathan Walker
3. Joshua Walker

Pro-stock A Leg 2.
Final 2 in many ways followed leg 1 with Sam Clifton leading from start to finish with hardly a challenge to him other than the first couple of laps, Andrew Robson finished 2 seconds behind Sam with James Hart a further 2 ½ seconds behind Andrew in third after some good over taking to get him 2 places up on his qualifying position.

The top 3 after both finals:-
1. Sam Clifton
2. James Hart
3. David Hall

Modified A leg 2
This final again saw Jonathan Aird lead from pole position with Chris Grainger 2nd John Pape 3rd but with Elliot Harper again make fast progress through the field soon saw him right behind John challenging for 3rd. Chris began to push and move closer to Jonathan then he made his move, blasting past Jonathan down the straight a few corners later Elliot was past and began to close the gap on Chris. A mistake by Jonathan allowed John Pape and Colin Price past him these 2 positions he could not get back by the end of the final. Elliot kept pushing right to the flag, finishing only 2 tenths of a second behind Chris.

The top 3 after both finals:-
1. Elliot Harper
2. Chris Grainger
3. Jonathan Aird

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Halifax model car club for their hospitality and excellent run meeting. It is always a pleasure to visit this great venue and made so welcome.
Next Round is at West London on 05/09/2010 entries are available at www.centralbooking.org

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